FEIF Video Judging

Dear judges,

As you know, all WR competitions have been cancelled this year due to COVID-19. Many judges will not get the opportunity to judge many, or indeed, any competitions. Here is your chance to do some judging from home.

The video-judging is mandatory for those judges who wish to be selected to judge WC 2021.

The video-judging is NOT mandatory for the judges who are not hoping to judge WC 2021, but, nevertheless, we hope you will do it.

Each video judging session is open until 11th August. A judge may visit the page as many times as needed during the 30-day period to judge the required videos. The judge does not need to complete all the videos in a single session.

After 11th August the SJC will go through the results and find the horses where there was the greatest divergence in marks. We will make a summary and get back to you with what we found.

The judge can watch the video directly from the session page. Next to the video is a place for the judge to select the mark for each section of the video performance. In the case of F1, there are places to select marks for each pace sprint and the final mark for the pace. There is also a place to select the limiting element from the Sport Judges' Guidelines for each section of the performance.

The video judging session is complete when a mark and limiting element has been selected for each section of all videos.

Once the session is complete, the judge may compare his choices for marks and limiting elements to those of his peers and the marks accepted by the FEIF Sport Judges Committee. The results are only available once all videos are complete. Once a judge has looked at the results, it is no longer possible to go back and change marks or limiting elements.

Login using your email address and password to see a list of available video sessions.

The camera location isn't always as good as we would like. For the purposes of the videos judged here, please, do your best to work with what you have. Remember, everyone is seeing the same angle you are. If you are concerned a transition isn't happening in the correct place, give the rider the benefit of the doubt and assume the transition is OK.

If there is clearly a problem with the timing of a transition then you should absolutely react to it.

We hope you enjoy judging these horses. Have fun!

Best wishes from the SJC – Åsa William, Sophie Kovac, Elisabeth Jansen, Alexander Sgustav, Fi Pugh